GW Alumni Connections Facebook® Application



The GWAA is pleased to announce that now you can seamlessly link your GW Alumni Online Community profile to your Facebook® profile!  By adding The GW Alumni Connections Application to your Facebook® profile you will have access to many features of the GW Alumni Online Community without leaving Facebook®.  Add the application today to:

  • update your alumni profile info
  • post your resume
  • search for classmates
  • view and post class notes
  • create a permanent Alumni GWMail or Alumni Email Forwarding account
  • get career-related advice from alumni mentors
  • more...

In order to add the Facebook® application, you must be a registered member of the GW Alumni Online Community*, as well as Facebook.To add the application to your Facebook® profile, visit the GW Alumni Connections Application and select "Add Application." Once you have added the application, you can select the hyperlink, "Link your Facebook® account," to link your Facebook® record to your GW Alumni Online Community record.  The application resides on Facebook® and creates a secure bridge to and from the GW Alumni Online Community.  The first time you use the application, you will need to authenticate yourself using your GW Alumni Online Community username and password.  After you have completed this link, you will not need to login again the next time you visit.

* Not a registered member of the Alumni Online Community? Click here to register. Forgot your password? Click here to reset your password. Having difficulties logging in or registering? Contact us at 1-800-ALUMNI-7 or